Information about Diplocar


We're thrilled to introduce the first online global marketplace for selling and buying diplomatic cars:

Diplocar is a free marketplace where you can post ads for a car, or motorbike, or any other personal items, or buy such items from other diplomats.

We are all too familiar with the stress of disposing items when leaving a posting, and often immediately afterwards start looking for a suitable car, house, or maid in the new posting. Diplocar aims to help you out in such situations. We take care of helping you sell or buy the items and services which are necessary for you to hit the ground running as you transition from posts.

Above all we want to grow with our community and provide useful services for the diplomatic community. Your feedback and participation will be essential, in order to better understand your needs. So please register to receive interactive updates.

We look forward to have you on board on this exciting journey with the launch of Diplocar.

The Diplocar team